New Boiler Installation or Replacement

How To Choose A New Gas Boiler

When looking to get a new boiler installed in your home or place of work then are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration.

What boiler do you need? Combi, sytem or regular.

Do you have a vented or unvented system already?

How many rooms and bathrooms do you have?

Do you run hot water from more than one outsource at any one time?

These are some of the questions that a Trusted Heating and Boiler Specialist can help you with and it’s always wise to get a home assessment for your requirements.

What Boiler Setup?

If you’re just replacing an old boiler then it might be cost effective to just get a like for like replacement. This will likely be the best option is cost is an issue as there’s likely to be less labour required and the replacement boiler will definitely run more efficient.

This last statement is worth taking into account as you can save upto £340 per year on bills alone with a modern condensing gas boiler.

You can factor this in when selecting different boiler brands and their individual prices.

What Boiler Brand?

We recommend 2 brands, Worcester and Ideal. Both provide high quality, long warranty packages and have a variety of boilers to suit all budgets.

When you book a boiler assessment we will run through the individual boilers that will sit your needs and can you a range of prices depending on your budget.

We can highlight the pros and cons of each boiler so you can make an informed decision.

How Much Will A New Boiler Cost?

In general terms you should budget around at least £1500 for a like for like boiler replacement. There are a few factors to be taking into account so you can appreciate a new boiler will vary in price. These will include location of boiler, pipework required, labour requirements, boiler brand chosen, boiler output (larger ones more expensive), water storage tank removal, etc.

Once we have assessed your individual needs then we can put together a quote with different boilers to suit your budget.

New Combi Boiler

Combi boilers are a great choice for the following reasons. The main reason people choose them is that provide heating and hot water on demand. For example, when you turn on a tap or shower the cold water is taken direct from the main pressure and fed through the boiler. The boiler then heats the water as it passes through on the way to the tap/shower/bath, etc. This means you no longer have to store water in a separate tank which can save lots of space.

The other main benefit to combination boilers is that they can be extremely compact. This means that can be situated in a cupboard or kitchen unit and hidden away. This means you won’t be able to see it and it takes up less storage space. It’s worth bearing in mind you’ll need a flue for the gases to escape so it will need to be located somewhere close to a wall, roof, etc. This is the same for all boiler though.

How Long Will It Take To Replace Boiler?

In most cases boilers can be replaced within one day. This will depend on whether or not the boiler is being relocated or perhaps it’s a brand new installation. At least team of 2 are sent out which means that one engineer can be working on the pipework and one engineer working on the boiler installation itself. we appreciate that being without a boiler can be problematic so if it’s likely to take more than one day to install then you’ll be notified before any work begins. The main takeaway here is that we pride ourselves on leaving your home spotless so you’ll never know we’ve been, apart from the fact you’ll have a shiny new boiler at your disposal.

Can I Get A Quote Online?

Absolutely. If you want an instant way to get a rough idea of the costs involved then most companies can provide an online boiler quotation tool. This will ask various questions like, how many rooms, how many bathrooms, removal of old boiler/water tank, where flue is located, etc. This gives the tool all the info it needs and then you’ll be presented with at least 2-4 options so you can get an idea of different brands and prices. This also makes it easy to get in touch with the quoting company to then come out to your property and give a more accurate quote which shouldn’t to far from the original.

Edinburgh Trusted Trader Heating and Plumbing Company

When looking to find a reputable plumbing and heating specialist in the Edinburgh area, it’s always wise to do research before making a decision to go ahead with a quote.

In this post we’ll go through the different stages you should think about before giving the go ahead to the heating company of your choice.

Reviews and recommendations are always a good start. If you go to Google and type in what type of service you’re looking for (boiler replacement near me, new boiler edinburgh) and concentrate on what comes up.

The top section will have companies that are close to you and usually give you 3 to choose from. This is a good start. Below this there will be more trusted companies and we would recommend concentrating on this page as there will be enough info here to make a decision on who you’d like a quote form.

Once you see 3 companies you like the look of then you can look at their Google reviews initially. Look for specific feedback on the type of work your looking to get and see if they’ve done a good job.

The next thing to do is go to the list of actual trusted traders that are in Edinburgh. You can find a list on the Edinburgh Trusted Trader site and this step is very important and should not be missed.

This site collates all the companies in edinburgh that have passed certain strict criteria to help increase consumer confidence, reduce bad customer experiences and promote good practice with local businesses.

Trading standards officers carry out a vetting process for all comapnies listed here which is council backed.

Traders must adhere to the code of practice and in the unlikely event of a dispute they can intervene to remedy the situation. This should give you added peace of mind when seeking out a reputable heating and plumbing company online.

Once you have checked that the company you are looking to quote for you has been included in this list of reputable companies then you can also check their reviews on this platform too.

In this day and age you want to be seeking a company that has a 4/5 start review rating. Everyone’s expectation are different but in our experience anything under 4 star is just not worth the risk when better suited companies are out there.

Once you have your 3 plumbers written down then it’s time to get in touch. First impressions count and if there’s something not quote right then don’t go with them, trust your gut.

They should be able to send someone round to give you a detailed home assessment and actually listen to what it is you require to be done.

The engineer should be able to offer up some really good solutions on the spot as these companies are likely to have been trading for a number of years. They will have lots of experience with all manner of plumbing and heating issues and will have a really good idea within just 15-30 minutes.

There should be no hard selling, EVER. If this is the case then get them to politely leave. A reputable company will offer help and advice but will then need to go back to their office to calculate a detailed quote for the works you require.

This is a well known process and they will expect to be in the mix with at least 2 other companies vying for your business.

Once you have actually met one of their team and you have a written quotation it’s time to make a decision.

You should already know the company has glowing reviews. You will have spoken to at 1 person at the company to give you a ‘feel’ of what they are like and now you have the quote.

We would be careful of going with the cheapest quote and the ones that can do it the next day. Reputable companies will be that bit more expensive and will be booked ahead. It will be a mixture between all things discussed above that will help with the decision.

We hope that this process will make it easier when seeking out the best heating and plumbing to make alterations to your heating system. The main thing to take away is double checking they are a trusted trader. If this is the one thing you do then you at leat be covered by a council backed programme that’s supported by Police Scotland.

All the best,


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